True Companions

What can I say about these speakers that will truly express the raw emotion they have been through? They have been my constant companions through marriage, family, divorce, and learning to live again. They have been the motivator of some of the greatest and lowest points of my life. They have provided the background for mine and many other weddings. They have been dj, counselor, destroyer, motivator, and celebrator. My daughter wrapped a blanket around herself and danced the mariachi at 4 years old even though she had never seen or heard it before, she knew that was how to dance. They have battled aliens and slain orcs with my son. They have provided the ambient background to some of the most tender and loving moments. They have tore at my soul and nearly destroyed me. They have brought despair and beauty to my life. They have played on through some of the worst and arguably the finest systems available. They have survived when other "superior" speakers have failed, they have suffered through some of the deepest bass available and ear-splitting high notes. I am of Danish descent and they are my viking companions, conquering the world with me. They have conquered and sung to Valhalla with every genre. They have faithfully reproduced the growing talents of my violin-wielding children, from cat-screech, fingernail on the chalkboard to tear-inducing pristine notes. They have provided the soundtrack to my life.


I Bought My First
Contour in

My Contour
Model is

On my Contour
I Mostly Listen to

Every Day I Listen
on My Contour for

My Favorite Song to Play
on My Contour is

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Cool Vee"

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